My philosophy:

Quiet the mind. Listen to the body. Nourish accordingly. I believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing and happiness. Nourishment and happiness come in many forms. Simple, sweet desserts is one.

I believe in:

  • Consuming whole foods without additives
  • Creating recipes that are free of wheat, dairy and refined sugar – without sacrificing texture or flavour
  • Using ingredients I can pronounce
  • Understanding the health benefits of everything I put into my body
  • Simple, easy to make recipes that can be adapted to match ingredients in your kitchen
  • Incorporating chocolate where/when possible!

About me:

I’m a Canadian girl from the prairies who grew up playing hockey (doesn’t everyone?) with my older brother. My earliest memories, outside of hockey rinks, were all about food. If Dad wasn’t driving us to the rink, he was in the kitchen with Mom – his sous-chef. I recall long strands of homemade pasta creating a canvas on every countertop, huge pots of soup simmering on the stove, and the amazing aroma of zesty sauces spiced to perfection, waiting for an 8 year old taste tester.  There was no getting on the school bus before eating a hearty breakfast (and donning my brother’s oversized hand-me-down jacket). Mom & Dad packed our lunches with love, laughter and leftovers.

My Dad’s mom was a chef and he inherited her passion for cooking. He loved to teach us and it was my love of learning that led me to get my education degree in the USA. However, shortly after graduation, my sweet, stubborn European father lost his short but courageous battle with cancer. I didn’t know it at the time, but this event changed my life’s direction. Although I had started teaching primary school, it was soon apparent that my passion for health and wellness would lead me down another path.

The desire to be a grounded, spirited individual inspired me to study yoga in India. My fascination in discovering the healing properties of food led to a holistic nutrition program at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, B.C., and my passion for creating sweet treats using whole food ingredients strengthened in Bali where I became certified as a Raw Food Chef and Health Educator. 

Currently my feet are planted on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia. I enjoy spending my days exploring the local farmers markets, reading every cookbook I can get my hands on and dreaming up new creations in my kitchen.
Health and wellbeing is my passion.
My kitchen is my happy place.
Desserts are my joy.

Do all things with Love,